Where you can buy our products outside our website - Mayberry Farms

Where you can buy our products outside our website

Looking for a place to buy Mayberry Farms Milk & Honey Collection products?

You're in luck! We've compiled a list of retailers who carry our line of premium honey or soap and skincare products. Whether you're in the mood for some delicious honey, handmade soap, or something else from our collection, we've got you covered. Check out the list below to find a store near you!

In Mayville, stop by the Ace Hardware Store (Previously True Value Home & Hardware). Our items may be found in the Ruby's Gift and Red Apron sections, respectively, with their home and food products.

The state-run Horicon Marsh Nature Center is located just outside of Mayville on Hwy 28. Our goods may be found in the shop inside. Make sure to have a look around and discover more about the lovely Horicon Marsh while you're there.

Twisted Sister downtown Beaver Dam sells one-of-a-kind vintage furniture along with other unique small businesses including ours and their handmade treasures. Check them out on Facebook.

If your sweet tooth is screaming, make a detour to Confections by Joel in Theresa. Joel is a superb chocolatier with a wide range of homemade sweets made by himself and other candy companies. They also keep our raw honey in stock!

Finally, Sweet Pea's Pie Shop in Mayville makes and sells a honey pie using our raw honey. We promise you'll enjoy their honey pie, and you can also get some ice cream and other wonderful bakery products.

Just to recap there's:

  1. Ruby's Gift inside the Ace Hardware Store in Mayville
  2. The Horicon Marsh Nature Center Flyaway Gift Shop
  3. Twisted Sister in Beaver Dam
  4. Confections by Joel in Theresa
  5. Buy a Honey Pie from Sweet Pea's Pie Shop in Mayville

There you have it, and we hope this is the beginning of a long list. We hope you'll continue to support our company and these other local companies in addition to supporting local businesses.


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