Pre-Pick'd and You-Pick Strawberry Prices

Pick Fresh. Pick Local. Pick Mayberry.

Visit our pick'n updates page for product availability and when we are open for pick your own.

Pre-Pick'd Strawberries

  • Available in a 1 gallon bucket for $22 or 2+ pound clamshell for $8.
  • No pre-orders will be accepted at this time.
  • Inventory made available each day when our Farm Store at Mayberry opens. 
  • We've made a lot of changes to this product offering. We hope it will work best for you and your family. Thanks for "growing" with us as we give it a try!

You-Pick or Pick-Your-Own Strawberries 

  • Available for $15/gallon bucket or buy 2+ buckets and take $1 off each bucket.
  • Additional Discount - Bucket Buy Back Program: Bring your buckets back with you the next time you pick and we'll credit you $1 towards your next purchase. We will issue you new buckets and wash/sanitize your returned buckets. Buckets must be in good condition to be accepted.