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Your trusted source for picking fresh strawberries in June. Pure, raw honey from our hives and nourishing soap and skincare products made with trusted farm-grown ingredients.

Strawberry season is here! Get the latest details on our pick'n updates page.

Strawberry pick'n updates
  • Sustainably Grown

  • Direct Line to the Farmer

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Your Direct Line

To the people behind your products

Feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to find products you can trust?

It's frustrating scrolling through endless options without a clue about where they're from or how they were grown.

Trusting the source, the ingredients, and having a direct line to the people growing your food is crucial.

At Mayberry Farms we've got your back when it comes to fresh strawberries in June, pure, raw honey, along with soap and skincare products made right here at the farm with skin-nourishing ingredients grown right here on our farm.

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June is Strawberry

Picking Season

Strawberry Season happens in June and ends in July! Don't miss a minute of the short and sweet season. Visit our pickin' updates page and make sure to signup for our mailing list to be the first to know when we're open and picking.

pickin' updates

Raw Honey

Straight from the hive

We understand that you want to know that your products are of the highest-quality, grown safely and sustainably.

Unlike what you find in the grocery store, Mayberry Farms raw honey has not been pasteurized, or filtered. This means that our honey is a good source of anti-oxidants, and micronutrients.

Harvested from hives kept on our farm using sustainable methods and never any insecticide treatments. Raw honey is not only good for you to eat, it's also good for your skin.

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Where you'll find our products

Want to shop our products in person? We've compiled a list of retailers who carry our line of premium honey or soap and skincare products. Whether you're in the mood for some delicious honey, handmade soap, or something else from our collection, we've got you covered. Check out the list below to find a store near you!

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