Our initial product and its profound influence on our entire operation. - Mayberry Farms

Our initial product and its profound influence on our entire operation.

It all started in the fall of 2016 when Mr. Mayberry said, "I found a strawberry farm for sale. Should we buy it?" The answer was a no-brainer. From the moment we set foot on the farm for the first time, we knew we were home. 

Fast forward to 2024 and while we're still figuring it out as every other small business owner does along their journey, one thing has always remained the same, all of our crops support and balance the strawberry crop, promoting exceptional conservation and environmental stewardship. 

Along with strawberries, we also have additional acres for corn, soybeans and wheat that are grown in a rotation. This allows us to grow our own straw (through wheat) to cover the strawberries, improve soil health and have an additional income source through the sale of grain. While strawberry fields are also rotated every 4 years to help reduce disease and weed pressure while maintaining high yields for strawberry pickers to be able to easily fill their baskets. 

In 2018 when the idea of introducing honeybees to help improve pollination of the strawberries came about, it was important to us that we held them to the same standards as our crops. This means we do not use any pesticide treatments for invasive species such as the Verroa mite.

We limit the amount of feed supplements we provide in the spring. Only until the dandelions bloom do we supplement with sugar (raw honey) and water. This means our raw honey does not contain any harsh chemical residues and is 100% pure. Unlike other honey sources that may be watered down or include other sugar sources. 

In 2020 after adding a small herd of dairy goats to the farm, we learned how to make soap thanks to an abundance of milk. By keeping a small, closed, registered herd of goats we are able to use preventative management practices without the need for excessive medications or treatments. This means a healthier, happier group of high-quality livestock who are cared for with the upmost respect. 

If you are also passionate about high-quality farm grown ingredients, you're in in the right place. If you want to learn more about our journey, join us on our blog for insights, updates, and tips on sustainable farming practices. Let's grow together!

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