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Health Benefits of Locally Sourced, Raw Honey

The benefits of raw honey

Raw honey can do wonders for your health. Although it's been used as a sweetener and medicinal product since ancient times, there are many new scientific studies that showcase the benefits of raw unprocessed local honey on our bodies every day!

What is Raw Honey?

Raw honey is a natural sweetener that comes from bees visiting flowers in the spring. It's not processed like most other types of store-bought honeys, so it retains all its amazing nutritional qualities and health benefits!

What are some of the benefits of raw honey?

There are so many benefits to eating raw honey, it’s no wonder people around the world have been using this sweetener for centuries. Raw honey is a natural, healthy sweetener that can help with everything from low energy to sleep problems and seasonal allergies. Switching over to raw honey may even lead you in the direction of weight-loss efforts when compared against diets containing sugar or high fructose corn syrup! 

1. "Perfect running fuel"

The “perfect running fuel” raw honey has been called by many runners because it provides energy in the form of liver glycogen which can be easily absorbed. It is also an ideal pre-exercise choice or post workout drink for when you need quick source to pull yourself together before your next big effort!

Mixing a spoonful of raw honey into your own sports drink will make it taste better and work much more effectively for you. Add some protein powder to the equation, plus Himalayan sea salt! Together these ingredients detoxify body systems after intense physical activity while providing benefits like increased energy levels or improved athletic performance.

2. Rest and Relax 

Raw honey is a great way to help your body stay asleep at night. Not only does it have the ability break down into energy during REM hours, but also by restoring nutrients in our livers and preventing dangerous fluctuations of blood sugar levels with its insulin spikes - all while promoting restorative sleep!

Try consuming a tablespoon before bedtime.

3. Cough and Sore Throat Soother

Honey may be a better alternative to commercial cough syrups, as it has been shown in one study that honey was just as effective at reducing mucus production and coughing when compared with ingredients found within over-the counter medications. 

Mixing apple cider vinegar and honey will make a great cough syrup that you can take whenever your throat starts to feel scratchy. Just mix the two ingredients in equal parts, then take one tablespoon per dose as needed for minor ailments like sore throats or cold symptoms!

4. Relieve Nausua 

Ginger and lemon are a great combination to combat nausea. Honey too! Mash up two inches of fresh ginger with enough honey so that you can put it in your tea or coffee without compromising its taste, then mix in some freshly grated peel from one whole lemon before pouring over hot water. 

5. Skin Saver

When applied topically, honey is a natural antiseptic that contains 3 powerful wound-healing components - sugar which disinfects and cushions the skin from further irritation while also boosting its healing power with hydrogen peroxide; propolis (a type of resin collected by bees) as well as this sticky substance's ability kill bacteria by creating an environment where they cannot survive. Plus when you're done applying your salve it will dry into one bandage!

Buy Local

For maximum benefits use raw unfiltered unheated unpreserved local honey raised within 50 miles of your home as they will have more nutrients than those from farther away.


Honey is a great treat for adults and children, but it's never safe to give honey as baby food. The bacteria that causes botulism produce spores in the form of an infant’s weaker stomach acids which can cause serious harm if they enter their digestive tract before maturity at one year old or older!


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