Easy Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

Easy Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

If it's wrong to tell your children you made "breakfast ice cream" when it's really just an easy and healthy strawberry smoothie bowl - I don't want to be right.

Breakfast is one of the most difficult mealtimes for my family. Even though my kids (and myself) are early risers. We never seem to make it to the table to eat as fast as we do at supper time. Can you relate? 

Personally, I love smoothies. I enjoy a green smoothie every day with kale, spinach, frozen fruit, some times I add fresh ginger, turmeric and occasionally I get wild with coconut water. 

Since my kids are always asking to have some of my smoothie I thought to myself "what if I make them a smoothie bowl for breakfast and tell them it's ice cream?" 

I added frozen strawberries, banana, milk, yogurt and hid some spinach in there. (Just tell them it's green sprinkles). 

Well I did, and it worked. They even claimed (to quote my 3-year old) "It's better than ice cream!" 

So here you go - my go-to smoothie bowl for picky eaters. 

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