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W2364 County Road Y
Mayville, WI 53050



(920) 387-3696


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Closed for 2019.

When You Arrive at Mayberry Farms

Mayberry Farms is nestled in the rolling countryside next to the Rock River.

Please follow the signs! Please read and follow the signs upon entering our farm yard. We have invested many resources to providing signage with directions to promote safety on our farm.

We have many signs to help direct traffic to our farm, Farm Store, Farm-Fun Events and the strawberry fields. We have a unique farm-feature where You-Pick customers can park close to the field we will be harvesting. This means we have several parking lots which we utilize at different times with respect to the field we are picking strawberries. Please follow the signs and look for other cars to navigate to the correct parking lot when you come to our farm.

If you want to visit our Farm Store before or after harvesting berries, you may walk from the strawberry fields or take your vehicle to and/or re-enter the farm to park near the store.

We have portable bathrooms, hand-washing stations and many picnic tables. Please enjoy your time at our farm. Both of our Farm-Fun Events will be hosted in the strawberry fields.

Active-Farmstead Caution! We are an active farm with produce, row-crops and agricultural equipment. We have some areas that have restricted access to make sure our guests are safe from any farm hazards. Please do not enter any non-strawberry field, farm equipment or areas with restricted access signage. We work very hard to keep our farm clean and safe so you and your family may have a wonderful time at Mayberry.

How to Pick Strawberries

After you have arrived, please start by picking up your supplies at the shed located adjacent to the strawberry field. Locate the “Start Here” sign to begin your harvest. One of our team members will be happy to provide you with berry trays, crates, and a label to put on your trays. After collecting your supplies, we will have another person assist you with finding a row(s) to begin picking.

Each strawberry-row will have a colored stake. We ask you to go to the stake, remove it and place it with your tray. Please pick berries on both sides of the isle, halfway into each strawberry row. When you have finished picking, please put the stake back into the center of the row to signal where you have finished.

We will briefly explain this to you while escorting you to the field at the time of your visit.

Food Safety is Our #1 Priority! Please wash your hands before and after picking berries. Also, please wash your berries before eating them. Check out our FAQ page for instructions to wash and store your berries.


, FFrPlan for the Outdoors

Please visit our BERRY BULLETIN page, our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE or call our BERRY HOTLINE to make sure we are open and have product available.

Check the weather and plan accordingly. We will close at least 30 minutes prior to any adverse weather event. The sun gets hot, so please bring skin protection and water for hydration. Please bring a light jacket if you are planning to pick in the morning. It can be relatively cool on June mornings along the Rock River. We also recommend bringing a rug or towel to place beneath your knees as the ground may be very damp in the morning or after a rain event.

Plan a Picnic at the Farm

We invite you to enjoy your time at Mayberry Farms. We have several areas to relax in the shade and enjoy a picnic, bakery treat or ice cream sundae. We love kids! We welcome small toys to help keep them entertained. However, please do not bring any bikes, motorized equipment, or toys that could be a potential hazard to other children.

Don’t forget about the Pre-Pick Berries, Ice Cream, Bakery, and Homemade Honey available at our Farm Store. You may walk or re-enter the farm to park near the Farm Store.


 If you’re travels require you to come to the farm on State Highway 33, please note that the construction project at the intersection of Hwy 33 and County Road P. It is projected to be completed around July 4th. For a detour route, please follow the detour signs or chose one of the following routes.

From Allenton: Take Hwy 33 West to State Hwy 175. Turn Right (north)and go to Theresa. Turn Left (west) on State Hwy 67 for 3 miles until you see our “Mayberry Farms” roadsigns. Follow the signs by turning Left (south) on County Road AY until you reach County Road Y. We’re the 2nd farm on the right (north).

From Oconomowoc: Take Hwy 67 North to Mayville. Turn Right (east) on Hwy Y from Main Street in Downtown Mayville. We are located 1 mile East of Mayville, past the Golf Course, on the left (north) side of County Road Y.

From Horicon: Take Hwy 33 East to Hwy 67. Go Left (north) until you are on Main Street in Downtown Mayville. Turn Right (east) onto Hwy Y. We are located 1 mile East of Mayville, past the Golf Course, on the left (north) side of the County Road Y.

Plan a Day-Trip

We are proud to call Mayville our home. We are less than 1 mile from the historic downtown area and business shopping district. Dodge County has several natural landmarks and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. We highly encourage you to explore Mayville and our surrounding communities.

Here are a few suggestions:

Cheese & Wine:

Old Fashioned Cheese Store – Mainstreet Mayville

Widmer’s Cheese Cellars – Theresa

CA Cellars Whine Shop – Mainstreet Mayville



The Open Door Coffeehouse – Mainstreet Mayville



Ruby’s Gift (Inside True Value) – Mayville

The Knitty Gritty – Mainstreet Mayville



Bridge Street Eatery – Mainstreet Mayville

Don Ramon Restaurant – Mainstreet Mayville

Stocke’s Back Street Pub & Grill – Mayville

Joel’s Confections for Any Occasion – Theresa


The Audubon Inn – Mainstreet Mayville

Mayville Inn – Mayville




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Mayberry Farms

W2364 County Road Y

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