PRODUCTS Strawberries, raspberries, ice cream, BAKERY & HOMEMADE honey
Our speciality... STRAWBERRIES YOU-PICK By-The-Pound $1.89/pound In June, come alone, with a friend, a date, or the whole family. Join us in the beautiful strawberry fields at Mayberry Farms for a unique 'picking' experience. We'll provide fresh berries, clean straw, and unlimited berry-trays. First time to the farm? Check out our PLANNING YOUR VISIT page for a list of items to bring and more resources to make your first visit a lasting tradition. Payment Methods We accept cash, credit and debit cards, Apple iPay, local checks, and WIC. Product Availability Weather conditions and harvest progress can impact the availability of our You-Pick strawberries. We cannot guarantee the exact details of the harvest season, but we have several ways for you to check the availability of our You-Pick Strawberries each day during the picking season. Picking Updates We update each of these sources 4-5 times per day during our picking season. 1) Visit our PICKING UPDATES on our website 2) Visit our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE 3) Call our BERRY HOTLINE (920) 387-3696
BAKERY Fresh from the oven...
FRESH-BAKED TREATS Cake Donut $1 each A classic vanilla or chocolate cake donut. Strawberry Snack-Cake $4 each Strawberry and sweet cream covering a soft, delicious vanilla cake. Vanilla-Bean Pound Cake $7 each Fresh-baked, sliced and ready for a heavenly dessert! Payment Methods We accept cash, credit and debit cards, Apple iPay, and local checks. Flavor Options We will have a variety of items and flavors available in our Farm Store. We cannot guarantee the availability of a specific flavor or item due to our limited handling capacity, but we will constantly work with our bakery to replenish product on a regular basis. I scream, you scream, we all scream for... SASSY COW ICE CREAM FARM STORE FLAVOR
Strawberry-Shortcake Sundae $6/sundae Our crème-de-la-crem and NEW for 2018! This twist on two traditional favorites combines farm-fresh vanilla ice cream with freshly-baked vanilla-bean shortcake. We know you will fall in love with our new signature dish. Strawberry Sundae $5/sundae Creamy-vanilla ice cream and fresh Mayberry strawberries, topped with the best whipped dairy. We are proud to salute the hard-working dairy-farm families of Wisconsin with this classic treat. Sassy Scoop $2/scoop Pick a Sassy Cow Creamery favorite! Any flavor, any combination, any quantity. Build your own creation, pay for each scoop and enjoy. Payment Methods We accept cash, credit and debit cards, Apple iPay, and local checks. Product Availability Ice Cream is available during our Farm Store regular business hours. We have many areas to enjoy your treat outdoors at a picnic table or we invite you to take a scenic walk along the Rock River. Flavor Options We have a great relationship with Sassy Cow Creamery and we are confident you will enjoy our vanilla (used in our sundaes) and 3-4 other 'best-selling' flavors available in our Farm Store.
New for 2018... HOMEMADE HONEY Aunt Bee's Homemade Honey Mason-Ball Jar $18/jar A bee-utiful 3lb jar of our best raw honey. Made fresh from the rolling countryside of east-central Wisconsin and hand packaged with our care and concern. Designed for enthusiasts and families who love their honey. Pint Jar $6/jar A convenient 1lb glass mason-ball jar filled with sweet Aunt Bee's Homemade Honey. Perfect for gifting or stashing in your pantry. Plastic Bear $6/bear Ideal 12oz squeezable product and package for every honey-lover. A handy, refillable-plastic container works well for cooking, baking or snacking. Payment Methods We accept cash, credit and debit cards, Apple iPay, and local checks. Product Availability New in 2018! We have partnered with a skilled beekeeper to jump start our homemade honey business. He comes with more than 30 years of beekeeping experience, started right here in Dodge County. We are thrilled to find this mentor and begin a new business that enhances our farm sustainability model and berry business. For the start of this year, we have received access some of his sweet-clover honey to share with our customers. Future Products We are buzzed to have welcomed many new bee colonies to Mayberry Farms in 2018. These honeybee's will play an integral role pollinating our strawberries and raspberries. We are making several investments to establish a pollinator habitat to enhance our farm sustainability commitment and provide a unique honey product.




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