Locally grown strawberries from Mayberry Farms are now just a click away.
However, you’ll have to wait a little more. We are closed until June of 2020. 


Picking Local is easy.

Making the right food choices can be overwhelming and confusing. We understand the challenge that comes with every trip to the grocery store. You must balance the needs of the household to find; something healthy, affordable, fresh, local, sustainable and something your family is going to actually want to eat.

Let us help you. Strawberries hold more value than you may think. Learning to eat seasonally and then using a few quick-storage techniques, we can help you conquer your food challenge and create memories to last a lifetime. It starts with a trip to Mayberry Farms.

Fresh is not just local. It is unique. Our berry varieties are native to our climate and pack a flavor that cannot be imported. Wisconsin-grown strawberries are red and juicy right to the core. Store-bought strawberries can travel 1,330 miles from Plant City, FL or 2,234 miles from Salinas, CA after harvesting early to meet the challenges of a long journey.

Our strawberries are picked at the peak of harvest and travel direct from our farm to your home, sometimes within minutes. Add our use sustainable farming practices and you have the perfect solution to your food challenge.

So lets tackle this challenge together. Pick local. Pick better. Pick Mayberry Farms.

Pick your own strawberries with your family at Mayberry Farms


Pick your own strawberries at Mayberry Farms

Pick Better.

Our strawberries are fresh and packed full of flavor, right to the core. Add a unique experience at our riverside farm and you may just have the best strawberries in the world.

Pick your own strawberries at Mayberry Farms - it's easy and delicious

Pick Local.

What is local? For our family, it is an opportunity to welcome you to our farm. Come enjoy a high quality product that is the true definition of fresh, delicious and local. Then let us teach you how to store and enjoy them all year long.

Learn more about us and our family together in the field

Pick Mayberry Farms.

Mayberry Farms is more than a retail location, it’s a community. Our farm is a place where family and friends come together to celebrate strawberry harvest and the start to summer. We welcome you and your family to make us a tradition like none other.

Pick your own strawberries at Mayberry Farms


exceptional customer service

Whether it's your first time picking strawberries or you've been visiting us for years, we value your business. At our farm we treat you like family 'cause that's the root our culture.

clean environment

We work to keep our farm clean, our fields full of fresh wheat-straw, and our fields prim and proper. We also have several well maintained portable facilities and hand washing stations for your convenience. At our farm, our farmyard is an extension of our farmhouse and we want you to feel right at home.

high quality strawberries

There's nothing like fresh picked strawberries right from the field. We work hard to plant, till, hand-pull weeds and place fresh wheat straw each year to provide the best environment to grow some amazing strawberries. We use an aggressive integrated pest management system and participate in several sustainability initiatives. At our farm, high quality strawberries are the result of our promise to be sustainable.


We gladly accept cash, credit, debit and WIC payments.


Pick-your-own fresh strawberries.
$ 15 per PICK'N BUCKET
  • Buy 2 or more and SAVE $1* per bucket.
  • Empty bucket comes with field pass to fill with 4+ Quarts (6+ lbs) of berries.
  • COVID approved. Pre-purchase online or on-farm at You-Pick Farmstand.
  • SAVE ANOTHER $1 per bucket with "BUCKET-BUY-BACK" PROGRAM.** Just purchase your bucket(s), bring them back to pick them again and we will give you $1 credit towards the purchase of a new PICK'N BUCKET.
#1 family fun


Handpick'd fresh by our team and cooled immediately after harvest.
  • $10 per LIL' HEARTY (2 Qts)
  • $20 per HEARTY BUCKET (4 Qts)
  • $40 per HEARTY BOX* (8+ Qts)


RETURNS & REFUNDS: Each sale is final. No returns will be accepted per our Farm Food Safety Plan in compliance with the USDA and FSMA fresh fruit policies. No refunds will be issued after time of sale. A product exchange may be considered within 10 minutes of purchase and entire product has been presented to be considered. No returns or refunds on You-Pick.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Mayberry Farms has posted hours of operation. We encourage guests to plan ahead to visit the farm with ample time to pick up berries or pick-your-own in our fields. The farmgate will close promptly at the posted time. You-Pick check-in operations will close 15 minutes prior to posted closing time. You-Pick guests in the fields will be notified of remaining time to complete pick-your-own activities. 

WEATHER EVENTS: Mayberry Farms will not be held liable for an adverse weather event that may result in the evacuation of the strawberry fields for the safety of our customers and employees. In which case, we will close the farm 30+ minutes prior to any severe weather event. No refunds or re-admittance will be issued. Please plan ahead and we will notify you of any possible chance in weather at time of check-in.


Our 2020 You-Pick Strawberries are as easy as 1-2-3!





Enjoying fresh picked strawberries right from the field

Most delicious strawberries 🍓 ever! The Clark’s always make time to chat and say hi- despite being the busiest time of the year for them! We love the summer and a big part of that is looking forward to strawberry picking every year!

Moriah Hurst


  • W2364 County Road Y, Mayville, WI 53050
  • info@mayberryfarmswi.com
  • (920) 387-3696


How to pick, preserve and prepare our strawberries to enjoy 365 days a year!

Pick local. pick better.

Pick Mayberry Farms.


Monday - Thursday: 7A-7P
Friday-Sunday: 7A-5P

Always check picking updates before farm visit.

(920) 387-3696

Picking updates and event details.

W2364 County Rd Y
Mayville, WI 53050

Just 1 mile east of Mayville.