Raw and local honey straight from our hives to your home.


food security depends on honey bee health

A few years ago, we invested in a few honey bee hives on the farm to help pollinate the strawberry plants.

Let us help you. Strawberries hold more value than you may think. Learning to eat seasonally and then using a few quick-storage techniques, we can help you conquer your food challenge and create memories to last a lifetime. It starts with a trip to Mayberry Farms.

Fresh is not just local. Fresh is unique. Our berry varieties are native to our climate and pack a flavor that cannot be imported. Wisconsin-grown strawberries are red and juicy right to the core. Store-bought strawberries can travel 1,330 miles from Plant City, FL or 2,234 miles from Salinas, CA after harvesting early to meet the challenges of a long journey.

Our honey bees are the hardest workers on our farm. Without them, our strawberry plants would not yield as well.

So lets tackle this challenge together. Pick local. Pick better. Pick Mayberry Farms.

Bee Pollinating A Sunflower



Raw and local honey from Mayberry Farms. 

raw means real

Most honey has been pasteurized or heated to a high degree which kills all the good stuff. We only warm the honey in order to bottle it so you can bring it home!

Better bees make better honey

Honeybee health is our number one priority. We use an all natural approach to beekeeping which means no pesticides and no smoke while working with the bees.

convenient, high quality and fair priced

Buy local. Buy better. Buy Mayberry Farms. Knowing where your food come from is important. Buying your honey directly from the farm ensures you get a convenient, high quality and fairly priced product.

Beeswax Food Wraps

Imagine how much money you would save if you never bought plastic wrap again? Our beeswax food wraps save money AND the environment.


Single-use plastic wrap is a waste! Not only for the environment, but for your hard earned dollars too. When you buy from us, your getting a local product made with 2 simple ingredients, 100% cotton and wax from the bees kept on our farm.


Can you reuse plastic wrap? How about your plastic sandwich bags? Our beeswax wraps last up to one year and can be used over and over for everything. Wrap your sandwiches, snacks, loaves of bread, fruits and vegetables to name a few. However please do not use with citrus, raw meat or fish.



All wraps are hand made to order.

1. Pick Your Prints

2. Pick Your Pack

3. Use & Enjoy!

Love my beeswax wraps! No need to run to the store to buy plastic wrap ever again! 

Catherine Wilson

Gifting made simple.

Our honey products make the perfect gifts!
be sweet and share the love.

Pick local. pick better.

Pick Mayberry Farms.


Mon - Thurs: 7A-7P
Fri-Sun: 7A-5P

Always check picking updates before farm visit.

(920) 387-3696

Picking updates and event details.

W2364 County Rd Y
Mayville, WI 53050

Just 1 mile east of Mayville.