Cut flowers, Sunflowers
and Mini Photo Sessions.

Purchase cut flowers and sunflowers from Mayberry Farms or capture memories with our Mini Photo Sessions.


Let us help you preserve them.

In 2019 we created the "Mini's at Mayberry" photo sessions after hearing from you, our fans. People love our farm scenery, wildflower fields, sunflower fields and the atmosphere. Plus, we get you. As parents, we understand how precious time with a friend, spouse and/or children can truly be. Capturing memories together is important, especially when life turns years into moments of the past.

Let us help you! We will provide you with a professional photographer to capture the perfect photos on our picturesque farm planted with wildflowers and sunflowers. We will announce the dates, times, prices and photographers for the mini sessions.

In August, we will post a link to the online scheduling tool where you can sign up and purchase your session. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes and you'll receive a few cut flowers to take home after your session. Prices vary from each photographer, based on their experience and total number of images provided. Each photographer will contact you independently and provide you with the digital photos after they've been edited.


wildflower Mini's at Mayberry Photo by Twig & Olive Photography
Photo by Twig & Olive Photography

Value Priced.

“Mini’s at Mayberry” are shorter than full photography sessions at a fantastic location. That means they cost less and you get some amazing scenery!

Minis at Mayberry Farms Photo by Twig & Olive Photography
Photo by Twig & Olive Photography

Easy For Kids.

Have you ever paid for a full photography session and have it cut short by uncooperative kids? We have! It’s frustrating as a parent to lose money and create unnecessary stress on everyone involved. Take a trip to our farm and they’ll have plenty to see and enjoy during the short session.

Photo by Tumbling Sparrow Photography

Pick-ture Perfect

We choose professional photographers who will help you capture the perfect picture. Their experience and commitment to this event present countless opportunities to catch the perfect photos in a short amount of time – saving you money as well as tears and tantrums.

Minis at Mayberry Farms
Photo by Rachel Renee Photography Co.


prices to fit different budgets

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high quality photos



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