June is StrawBerry month

June is strawBERRY month at Mayberry Farms

June is strawberry month at Mayberry Farms. Join us to pick your own strawberries or buy them already picked.

What is strawBERRY month?

June is strawBERRY month at Mayberry Farms! Here in Wisconsin picking your own strawberries is a summer tradition for many. At Mayberry Farms, picking strawberries has been part of the Mayville community for more than 40 years. We are proud to carry on the strawberry picking tradition. As a result, of this short harvest season, we’ve declared it as “Berry month.”

Why is strawBERRY month important?

Due to our harsh winters and short growing season here in Wisconsin, we grow what’s called a “June bearing” variety of strawberries. This allows farms like ours to provide fresh, delicious and locally grown strawberries during the month of June which we call strawberry month. At Mayberry Farms, we know that the best strawberries are picked right out of the field. We use sustainable farming methods to grow strawberries that make eating healthier easier.

Store bought strawberries travel THOUSANDS of miles to get to you because they are picked under-ripe, and are not as nutritious nor as delicious and our fresh berries. Picking your own strawberries at Mayberry Farms taste better, are better for you AND stocking up for the year can save you money.

Want to enjoy our strawberries all year long?

You too can enjoy our strawberries all year long. We put together a guide on how you can eat our strawberries 365 days a year. All you have to do is CLICK HERE or enter your information below to grab your free download and then visit us in June for strawberry month.


June is a short & sweet month.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the farm in June for strawberry month! If you’re wondering when we’re open and picking strawberries – head over to our Picking Updates page or give us a call on the Berry Hotline (920) 387-3696.

Make sure to download the FREE PDF! Also check out our previous post on 10 best tips to consider before visiting a farm to pick your own strawberries before heading to the farm.

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Finally, check out our Special Events page to see what’s happening after strawberry month is over.

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