Bee Soothed Tub Tea

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Soak and repair dry, damaged skin with our Soothing Milk and Oat Tub Tea.

Each 2 oz tub tea includes powdered goat milk, colloidal oatmeal, dead sea salt, and dried chamomile flowers.

Goat milk is a gentle cleanser, is rich in fatty acids and vitamin A which can help improve skin especially dry skin. Oats are a centuries-old topical treatment for a variety of skin conditions including dry skin, rashes, and eczema. Dead Sea Salt has been known since Biblical times to heal and treat a variety of skin conditions. 

Combined together in the teabag to make cleanup a breeze and keep your drains clear - milk, oats, dead sea salt, and dried chamomile flowers will soothe dry, damaged skin the natural way.

To use a tub tea, simply remove the label and drop the entire bag into the tub while it's filling with warm water.  

Follow with a body butter or cream to lock in hydration. 

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