Bee Real Tub Tea

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Relax and recharge your skin with a Rose Milk Bath Tub Tea without the mess!

Each 2 oz tub tea includes powdered goat milk, dried rose petals, Himalayan pink sea salt, and rose kaolin clay. 

Goat milk is a gentle cleanser, is rich in fatty acids and vitamin A which can help improve skin. Dried rose petals are a gentle remedy for inflammation with a sweet scent that will uplift your spirits. Rose kaolin clay draws out and absorbs oils and dirt. Soaking in Himalayan pink sea salt has been shown to reduce fatigue, stress, and pain 

Combined together in the teabag to make cleanup a breeze and keep your drains clear - milk, dried rose petals, Himalayan pink sea salt and rose kaolin clay will relax your mind and recharge your body.

To use a tub tea, simply remove the label and drop the entire bag into the tub while it's filling with warm water.  

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