Bee Raw Tub Tea

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Soak and soothe sore muscles with an ancient ritual dating back to Cleopatra. 

Each 2 oz Milk & Honey tub tea includes powdered goat milk, powdered honey, and Epsom salt. Goat milk is a gentle cleanser, is rich in fatty acids and vitamin A which can help improve skin especially dry skin. Honey attracts and binds moisture. It also contains enzymes that can help gently exfoliate your skin leaving your skin feeling softer, smoother, and looking more radiant.

Together in the tub, milk and honey will give your bathwater a smooth, silky feel, and Epsom salt which is rich in magnesium and can help create a relaxing environment while reducing soreness and pain. 

To use a tub tea, simply remove the label and drop the entire bag into the tub while it's filling with warm water. Relax and enjoy the same way Cleopatra did. 

Follow with an all-natural Body Butter or Body Cream. 

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