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Handmade Bath Bombs
Handmade Bath Bombs
Handmade Bath Bombs
Handmade Bath Bombs
Handmade Bath Bombs

Handmade Bath Bombs


Bath bombs are made by hand to order. Please allow 2 days for production and appropriate drying time. 

Available in 4 different varities:

  1. Milk & Honey

    -Made with baking soda, citric acid, powdered goat's milk, powdered honey and coconut oil.

    Dried goat's milk powder and powdered honey soften and moisturize skin. They have a moderate amount of fizzing and are moderately long lasting. 

    Our Milk & Honey Bath Bombs do not contain any essential oils which means they are safe for children

  2. Milk & Rose
    -Made with dried goat milk, citric acid, baking soda and coconut oil to soften and moisturize skin. Our bath bombs are naturally colored with pink kaolin clay, scented with geranium, lavender and clary sage essential oils and topped with dried rose petals. 

  3. Milk & Lavender
    -Made with dried goat milk, baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, lavender essential oil and topped with dried lavender buds. 

  4. Honey & Orange
    -Made with honey powder, baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, orange peel powder, sweet orange and litsea essential oils.

These bath bombs produce a steady and gently fizz for a long lasting aromatherapy experience. 

Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant, please consult your physician before using essential oils. Not intended for children's use. 

Available in 3.7 oz. sizes. 

To use, drop into warm bath for a luxurious aromatherapy experience.