Changes to promote health and safety

Changes to promote health & safety

Changes to promote health and safety during strawberry season.

Business Not As Usual

As parents,  small business owners and concerned citizens, we are committed to a new business model that will promote the health and safety of our family, employees and guests.

We firmly believe it is our responsibility to treat our guests as family, to make everyone to feel safe, protected and ready for some fun at our farm. First of all, we need our short season to represent the best business practices. Along with important social distancing guidelines.

We’re working hard to keep you safe

The short strawberry season comes with high risk, lending 20-30 days to provide our family an opportunity to cover the farm investments that happen the entire year. Due to the economic downturn, this year the risk is higher than ever. As a result, strawberry-crop challenges and added costs for new business practices have put more pressure on the harvest in June.

We love strawberries

We are working hard to balance the needs of our business and our responsibility for the health and safety of our family, employees and community. 

Changes to promote health and safety

On April 9th, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection expanded the Safer at Work Order guidelines. Certainly Mayberry Farms plans to adopt for them for the 2020 Strawberry Season.

Therefore, we have quickly implemented these changes and invested in new resources to build upon these principles.

New Business Practices

Experience our NEW You-Pick

Above all, we sincerely appreciate the support and understanding of our guests during this unprecedented time. As a result, we have to make a lot of adjustments to the traditional packaging and experience at Mayberry Farms. Our adaptations will best align with our mission to provide high quality berries that are value-priced and conveniently local.

Experience our NEW You-Pick Strawberry option!

Hearty Bucket
This is our new bucket for You-Pick and we also have a Pre-Pick’d option for buckets as well.

Join Us in JUNE!

We encourage you to visit our Picking Updates page to see the new products, get timely picking updates, place an online order, and plan the best time of day to make a trip to the farm. Finally, the website is the best way to get important information. Find out about low-traffic times, weather updates and strawberry harvest info.

Read our Best Strawberry Picking Tips before visiting the farm to get the most out of your experience!

Above all, we recommend checking the World Health Organization’s website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

12 thoughts on “Changes to promote health & safety”

  1. Hello Danielle,

    Once we got there last year we decided to get way more than we had planned. If, this year, we prepay for some and then decide we want more how do you want us to handle that? I’m sure we can’t be the only ones caught up with this sort of situation. We look forward to strawberry season.

    1. FarmHer Danielle

      We will have staff in the field who will be able to assist customers who wish to pick more and need additional buckets. It’ll be all hands on deck from our employees as we’ll be making sure guests will be spread out appropriately to comply with social distancing guidelines.

    1. FarmHer Danielle

      Thomas, the best way to stay up to date when the strawberries are ready is to make sure you’re on our emailing list. See you in June!

  2. Mary Zimmerlee

    Cant wait ro get fresh strawberries. Just ran out of the frozen ones! What hate is the quickest way to get rhere from Beaver Dam?

    1. FarmHer Danielle

      Hwy 33 to 28 then head towards Mayville across the Marsh. Head east out of Mayville past the golf course. There’s signs that will lead you to the farm.

  3. Hi..can you tell me how many pounds the prepaid bucket holds..and the price ❤️‘D your strawberries last year.

  4. It looks like you really put a lot of thought into keeping your employees and guests safe. Thanks for “spelling this out” for everyone so we know what to expect. It surely is different from the past, but knowing what is to be expected helps us all deal with the changes. I wish you the best luck in your season and our family looks forward to visiting soon! Grow, strawberries, grow! 😉

  5. Chuck Rantzow

    Please let me know when your Strawberries are ready. Used my last 2 qts about 3 weeks ago. Thank you

    1. FarmHer Danielle

      Hoping to open the farm for both you pick and pre-pick’d on Saturday, June 13. Make sure to check our picking updates page as well as our social media pages for updates.

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