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Learn about our faith, family and farming practices.

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Transparency promotes trust. Trust is the foundation of our customer service mission.


A strawberry is grown with love, care, tenacity and wisdom gained from a long history of shared knowledge. All of these elements require faith to bring the crop to a full harvest.

Each year we formulate a plan, apply for financial support, insure for potential loss, purchase many inputs, and invest a lot of time and energy. After that, we pray that it will be met with reward.


Our reward is our ability to provide fresh, delicious and beautiful strawberries for you to enjoy. This tradition is built upon our faith, which has been practiced for many generations.

We have been blessed by your support and business. Come and join us at the farm for strawberry harvest or in fall to celebrate the growing tradition at Mayberry Farms.

Mayberry is reminiscent of a historic place in small-town America. It is a village where people value one another for their strong ethics, reputable character and prideful purpose. Mayberry is a community based on strong family values.

We are Mayberry.

Our family values are the foundation for our business. We work hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart every day to accomplish our chores and keep our crops growing. While our responsibilities change with the seasons, our commitment to provide for one another never changes.

Farming is very important, but our family comes first. The days can be long and the work without end, but our responsibility to our family remains our first priority.

We consider the best interest of our children when making decisions because they are an integral part of our business. This provides a great way to look beyond the financials and into the sustainability of our farm.

We are proud.

To represent a family farm in today’s business environment. While there are many challenges, there are many more opportunities to enjoy together, as a family. Our biggest reward is the time we get to spend together and the joy we share when harvesting our crops.

Today, farmer’s represent less than 1% of the US population but provide food, fiber and fuel for 100%. We know it is important to raise the next generation of leaders with roots in farming. We’re committed to this cause and proud to continue on our family tradition.

Our farming practices

What sustainability means to us.


Since 1976, the strawberry-farming practices used on our farm have been modified and improved every season. This continuous process has evolved and become a tradition that we are proud to continue.

We define sustainability for Mayberry Farms as the harmonious balance between our environmental, economical and social responsibilities with a strong representation of our core values. These responsibilities are rooted in tradition, cultivated by proven science and sustained by the fresh, delicious and beautiful berries we provide each harvest.


Our environment is at the forefront of our sustainable model. We organize our efforts to control and protect the environment into three main practices; physical, cultural and chemical.


Our close proximity to the Rock River and licensed-use of it’s water for irrigation require the best use of our physical efforts. We work hard to implement tillage and conservation efforts in accordance with USDA and NRCS recommendations. We self-impose erosion reduction zones, pollinator habitat reserves and strategic water use for irrigation. We constantly look for ways to improve our physical practices to provide the best investment for our berries while being respectful to our natural environment.

Weeds challenge our physical practices. They quickly steal nutrients from berry plants, attract fruit pests, and some species can put toxins into the soil that prohibit good growth and production from our crop. Physically removing the weed is one tool to help reduce the potential for more weeds and insects. We have invested in special equipment to help remove weeds and cultivate the soil during the 4-5 years a strawberry plant is in production. We grow (our own) and purchase clean wheat-straw to prevent the cross-contamination of weeds and insects from other grain crops. Lastly, we employ ourselves (and additional labor) to hand-hoe and inspect the berry crops several times each week throughout the entire spring, summer and fall seasons.


Another environmental tool we use involves our cultural practices. In this effort we aggressively rotate our fields away from berries to promote soil biodiversity and help minimize the pressure from weeds and fruit pests. We follow strong fertility and pest-control programs across the entire farm to make sure we maintain a system with complete pest-control. Generally speaking, if any pest (weed or insect) can thrive somewhere on a farm, it can quickly multiply and become a hazard to our berry crop within a few weeks. Our commitment to provide fresh, delicious and beautiful berries requires us to aggressively implement our cultural practices to ensure minimal threat for any pest damage or food-safety incident.


Our third environmental tool has been practiced for more than 40 years and involves our use of chemical and biological controls. We are a conventional farm that employs scientifically-proven and USDA-certified pesticide technologies designed specifically for each crop. Our chemical program is very simple; if we elect to use a control, we access the same ingredients a typical home-gardner could purchase from a local store. At time of purchase, we take many things into consideration. Some products are certified organic they don’t always prove to be better for the environment or the food product. We use the best controls and products that are safe and specifically designed to control pests and diseases with the least risk to ourselves, our berries and our honeybees. We put a great deal of effort to protect the environment using the strictest of safety protocols, placement with pinpoint accuracy, and the employment of the best procedures and products. Why? Because it’s part of our core values and farm sustainability mission.


Financial elements are extremely important to the success and future of our farming business. Tim and Danielle have Bachelor of Science degrees from UW schools and continue ongoing education within the agricultural industry. Mayberry Farms is active with the Wisconsin Berry Growers Association and other community-lead groups focused on education and advocacy for berry production.

Financial stability requires a strong relationship with financial partners. We are very grateful for the support from our local lending institutions and the USDA Beginning Farmer Program. We are proud to represent Mayville and the small-business environment in our surrounding communities.


Our social responsibility is our commitment to provide transparency with our farming business. We are consumers too! We want to know who, what, where, when and why our food is produced before we share it with our family. Our responsibility to our customers is just as important to our own family.

Transparency promotes trust. We believe we have a huge opportunity to provide a food product with a unique experience. We trust that if we do our job right, our customers will be empowered to have a delicious and nutritious snack or meal using our berries. We know that we must earn your trust, that’s why we are committed to sharing our story and growing a relationship to last a lifetime!

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions about our family, farm or farming practices; please send us an email OR stop out for a field-visit with Farmer Tim or Farmer Danielle during our berry harvest.

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