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The best strawberries, honey and flowers are found right at the farm. At Mayberry Farms, we use sustainable farming practices to grow and make high quality products by hand, value priced and conveniently local to enhance our community.


High Quality.

Our first priority is our passion; to grow high quality strawberries provide them fresh for you and your family to enjoy. We expanded this mission in 2019 to include raw honey, beeswax wraps, cut flowers, sunflowers and our first unique photography experience called “Mini’s at Mayberry.” 


Value Priced.

We define sustainability as the balance between environmental, social and economical elements. It  challenges us to provide multiple product and convenience options while maintaining our commitment to improve our farm business and natural environment.




We are a community. Our passion for good food and high quality products underscore our commitment to make lives better and our community stronger. The 2020 public health pandemic has brought many challenges and opportunities. We have made many adjustments to our business and will proudly protect and promote the health and safety of you, our friend and customer.

Pick Local. Pick Better.
Pick Mayberry.

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We are Tim and Danielle Clark and along with our three boys, we are first generation strawberry farmers. As farmers and parents, we understand the difficult food and consumer choices everyone is presented each day. At our farm, we are committed to producing high quality strawberries, premium raw honey and delightful flowers for you and your family too. 

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Pick your own strawberries at Mayberry Farms

People love Mayberry Farms because we provide high quality products that are value priced, conveniently local and fun!

Our first season at Mayberry Farms always begins with strawberries. Grocers often use marketing terms like “fresh” to hide the process behind store-bought strawberries. Berries that are picked pre-ripe to provide the best opportunity for minimal damage during the wholesale process. While in transportation, they are artificially ripened with ethylene gas and then transported up to 1,400 miles to arrive in our stores. These strawberries lack the nutritional value and eating experience as you will find at Mayberry Farms.


On our farm we use sustainable farming practices to grow high quality strawberries that are picked by hand at the peak of freshness.  We also harvest honey from honeybees that pollinate our strawberry crop and roam our fields of wildflowers and sunflowers. Furthermore, we collect the wax and create a fantastic beeswax food wrap that greatly extends the life of many other food products in your home. 

New to Mayberry Farms? Give us a try! We are certain that if you pick local, pick better, you will be picking Mayberry Farms.

We Care.

For the environment, our customers and our community.

We take pride.

In welcoming you to our farm and providing you with the best strawberries, raw honey, beeswax wraps, cut flowers, sunflowers and events.

we listen.

To our customers. If you need anything, please let us know.

We are here to Help.

Still have questions about Mayberry Farms?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before or after visiting our farm. 

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Strawberry harvest begins in early to mid-June. Weather permitting, once strawberries are ripe we will open at 7am-7pm Monday thru Thursday and 7am-5pm Friday thru Sunday. Please make sure to check our “Daily Updates” page or call us before coming out to the farm to make sure we are open and picking. 

For all other products and events, please sign up for our emails or visit us on Facebook or Instagram to receive up-to-date information.

No. We provide everything you need to pick berries or purchase them pre-picked. You may want to bring sunscreen, boots, hat or other personal items to enjoy a wonderful day outdoors in Wisconsin.

New for 2020, to comply with the general health practices for Covid-19 we will not have picking flats, but a new “You-Pick Bucket” available for purchase at time of check-in. Your purchase includes the bucket and it can be used at a future visit for $1 off a You-Pick bucket purchase.  

Absolutely! We encourage families and young children at the farm. Our customer service representatives in the field will help you find a outside row to accommodate you and your family. It may take a little more time to get into the field, but we are here to help and love to see families out in full force.

We accept cash, local checks, credit and debit cards as well as WIC (Women Infant and Children) checks. 

New for 2020, we have modified our You-Pick Strawberry Season practices to comply with general health practices for the Covid-19 pandemic. We ask you to follow the signs when you arrive to check in. Once you’ve purchased your bucket our team will direct you to the parking lot where you will park and pick. Thank you for your cooperation.

We do hire seasonal employees. Please scroll down below to read more about employment and fill out our online application form. 

No. Pets are not allowed on the farm. Please do not bring your pets and do not leave them in your vehicle. During picking it is warm out and pets may overheat and die.

Our strawberries are not certified USDA organic. 

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Check out our blog post “10 best tips to consider before visiting our strawberry farm.”

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Are you looking for seasonal employment at Mayberry Farms? If you are:

Customer oriented

Our customers are our number one priority and our employees should treat them the same.


Our seasons are so short we need employees who are focused on working hard.


We expect our employees to treat our business as if it were their own.

Profit Minded

We reward our employees who stay with us through the season and help us meet our goals.
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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Pick local. pick better.

Pick Mayberry Farms.



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