Simple Earth Day Activities

Simple Earth Day Activities To Help Our Pollinators

Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22, 2020

What can you do to help our planet? Save the bees! ⁠Here are some simple Earth Day activities to help our pollinators (aka bees).

Bees are in danger

Their numbers are declining which means our food supply is in danger. We simply cannot live without bees, they are responsible for pollinating 35% of agricultural production. ⁠

Up close with our bees

Beekeeping on the farm

⁠It’s no secret we’re passionate about honey bees here. We have 19 hives on the farm and their purpose is to pollinate our crops. We also grow wildflower and native plants around the farm to support other wild pollinators.⁠

So, what are some ways you can help the bees? ⁠

Here are a few simple and cost affective ways you can help the bees right from your very own home!

Plant Something

Whether it’s a garden or potted plants, they provide a food source for the pollinators. Even better, plant milk weed or native plants. Luckily it’s spring and we can start digging in the dirt! ⁠

Build a Bee Bath

Simply collect rocks or use marbles and place them in the bottom of a bird bath or small dish and set it out in the open. They love to crawl around in it and do rely on water sources for survival. ⁠

Build a Bee Hotel

You can use materials you have in the home such as toilet paper rolls, coffee cans, paper bags, straws, etc. to make a home for wild bees. You can also drill holes in a small log or piece of wood to place outside.

Color a Picture

When all else fails, download our free coloring page and hang it up to remind you and your family, the importance of bees!

Simple Earth Day Activities to Help Pollinators

I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of simple Earth Day activities to help our pollinators. To learn more about the bees on our farm, visit our Instagram and Facebook pages.

What are you doing for Earth Day this year?

Share your ideas/activities below

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