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When we met and began dating, we always agreed that we wanted to farm together. We never really knew what our dream farm would look like, we always knew it would be doing what we love together.

We imagined it would include some type(s) of grain or row crops like field corn, soybeans, wheat, etc. and possibly beef cattle as well. We never imagined life would lead us here, to being produce farmers, and we couldn’t be happier.


You can read more about how we ended up here in this previous post. As of May 24, when we purchased the farm, we have since discovered our passion and our purpose for growing produce.

Recently, this article was going around on Facebook and caught our attention. This paragraph in particular helped us determine what our purpose for growing produce really is and should be all about…

“Seventy percent of Americans are overweight, and only one in ten eat the recommended amount of produce each day. The poorest states eat even less than that. Adding extra financial and accessibility barriers to entry surely isn’t helping the majority, and hits underserved populations especially hard, says Robin Deweese, a food disparities researcher at Arizona State University. “We need to start with access to produce and make it affordable and desirable,” she says.”

We believe that our produce is affordable in comparison to what you would purchase at the local grocery store. We accept cash, check, credit and debit cards as well as Women, Infants and Children or WIC checks. The WIC program is a Special Supplemental Nutrition Program that provides Federal grants to States for supplemental foods. Those who participate can bring their checks to our farm and we gladly accept them as if they were regular checks or other form of money.

Is our produce desirable? We think so and we know our customers do too. However, if you need ideas to enhance their flavor, check out our Pinterest page for recipes for breakfast, snacks, entrees and our favorite, desserts!

We’d also like to throw in one more adjective to describe our produce and our purpose. Fresh. Fresh is important, its not only part of the experience of a U Pic berry business, it’s part of making our produce desirable.

Fresh strawberries from the field.

There it is, our purpose or better defined as our mission for Mayberry Farms is to provide affordable, desirable and fresh produce to our customers.

Providing affordable, desirable and fresh produce

How we will achieve that? Well, you’ll have to continue to follow along to find out!