When will we open?

As of June 5, we're expecting to begin ready picked strawberries June 15. We will begin you-pic a few days later. 

How can I order ready picked berries?

Once we are open, you can call our berry line (920) 387-3696 and order ready picked strawberries. 

What other products do you offer besides strawberries?

In late summer we will have you-pic raspberries available. Please call (920) 387-3696 before you come out to the farm. We're also hoping to have sweet corn in August/September. Again, please call to check availability. 

Will we have fresh shelled peas?

We work with a local farmer to provide you with an opportunity to purchase fresh shelled peas. We do not know when they will be available yet. They are sold in a 5 pound bag and please call ahead or ask while you're out at the farm. Supplies are limited. 

Do you accept credit or debit cards?

Yes! New this year, we are accepting credit and debit cards along with cash and/or check. We offer a discount to customers paying with cash or check.