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5 things that have helped me as a busy farm mom of four

Hey Momma,

As the leaves change and our weather shifts, I'm reflecting on what has helped survive this current season of motherhood at home with four kids. Although all my children are different, they always make me feel like a new mom when we start out each time together--apero?

I really hope you've enjoyed reading about how these items have been integral parts in making it possible for us moms who work from home or run farms! 

1) Babywearing.

It can be hard to know what baby likes and doesn't like. Some days she loves being worn, other times not so much! We've tried every known wrap or sling in order find out which one would make life easiest for both of us but it's been difficult because things change quickly with this little human creature who spends most their time sleeping anyway (and sometimes eats meals while doing chores).

The soft sling is the perfect solution when your baby doesn't want to be held, but you need some extra love. The best part about this style? It can grow with her and it's easy to get on. 

2) A good stroller with a bassinet.

The bassinet is such a helpful feature for those early days when you're playing with the other kids, you want to be outside and baby needs to take naps. My favorite thing about it was being able to use her swaddle sacks while she napped and we played outside - I always carried diapers, wipes etc., so we didn't have anything weighing us down or getting lost in between fields!

3) Being organized.

From someone who was totally disorganized a few months ago, to someone who cannot breathe when life is out of sorts. Being organized is a skill that can be learned, and the more time you put into getting your home in order will pay off. You'll feel better about yourself when others know where things are at! 

4) Time blocking has been the most pivotal point in my life.

I used to think that weekly planning was too much work, but now it makes sense why everyone is doing this! It allows you time for your own personal projects while also knowing what needs attention with each individual kid's schedule. 

5) The key to a happy life is slowing down and accepting what's realistic.

I have had my fair share of "what ifs" but it has helped me realize that nothing can be done about them anymore. Being a mom is the most important job right now. Everything else can wait. 

No one can do it all by themselves. We need each other to get through the tough times and celebrate when things go well! When you need help, make sure you reach out to someone who is able to support you. 

Motherhood is a season of constant change.

It’s hard to know what will work from one day to the next, but over time I’ve developed some tools that have helped me survive and even thrive this season.

One such tool is my time block spreadsheet.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do as a mom or farmer, I encourage you to download my free time block spreadsheet and give it a try for yourself. The more we can take control of our own schedules, the more productive we become.

What tools do you use to help you survive motherhood? Please share in the comments below!


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