It’s been several months since I’ve updated the Mayberry Farms blog, which now has a brand new look and focus. I am moving from a strictly farm focused blog to a broader range of topics. After all, my family and I are, no different than any other family. We share the same joys and struggles in life from raising our children, what meals to plan for during the week, ya know, the general “adulting” topics.

If this is your first time reading the blog, welcome! I hope you enjoy getting a backstage pass into my life as I raise a family on a strawberry farm. On this episode, I’m going to share with you what happens on our farm during the winter.

Winter in Wisconsin. Need I say more? How about, toddler? Surviving frigid temperatures for four months with a high-energy toddler and a newborn baby is no easy task. I consider myself lucky to have a husband who is around as much as mine is to help me keep my sanity when raising our children. We’ve been able to take the children to the indoor pool, an indoor waterpark, the library, museums, and our friend’s houses for play dates. We have the opportunity to spend a great deal of family time together since winter is an “off-season” for us.

Some days you just have to bundle up and brave the great Wisconsin outdoors.

Really though, winter is planning season. We do our taxes, review our profit and loss from the previous year and use it to plan financially for the next season. Just a few items on our list to plan for include determining the number of acres we will plant this year for picking next year, ordering strawberry plants (if we do not do this ASAP the varieties we want could be hard to come by), as well as any equipment upgrades, repairs or changes we need to make.

Once we establish what the next picking season is going to look like, I am able to really start the marketing planning process. The first part of the plan was for me to redesign our website using Adobe Muse. We started in January, now it is April, we are finally happy with our end product and plan to promote it as soon as possible.


Welcome to the NEW Mayberry!

We look forward to sharing with you our newly designed website. We have put a lot of work into the content and new look. We want to make sure you, (our customers) enjoy your experience on our farm and continue to return. We believe that begins before you even arrive which is why we’ve invested our blood, sweet, tears, a lot of late nights and early mornings to making it navigable, fun, photo rich, with all the important content you need to answer any question you may have about our business. Please have a look and enjoy the NEW